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What is a Season of Manifesting Joy all about?

On March 18, 2018 we (Erica and Ernesto) gave birth to our very first intentional Season of Joy. Our intention was to go higher, deeper, and wider into Joy than ever before; to open our hearts and allow for more Joy, Love, Beauty and Abundance today than yesterday every day for 90 consecutive days. 

This was created initially as an experiment: just to see what would happen over a 90-day period and toalleviate us from some of life's stressors and chaos. 

A few weeks into this practice of allowing, surrender and expansion, we realized that we were manifesting and experiencing more Joy than ever. This got our curiosity percolating. What would happen if key leaders in all of our communities held a collective intention of raising our own emotional vibration and that of the people with whom we share our everyday lives? What wildfire could be created from this innocent little spark?

This is our story and yours. Welcome!!


Our Season of Joy